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This summer, I’ve been spending my Saturday mornings going to yard sales (no different than usual), BUT, the one difference is that I’ve been going with my husband (hereafter referred to on this blog as DH).

Because with three young children, time together is sparse, I found a Saturday morning babysitter, and DH and I spend our “date mornings” yard saling. We actually enjoy it. We each hunt/look for different things, and we get time to talk in between our finds.

This past Saturday, we were at a community-wide yard sale, walking from house to house, when we stumbled upon an estate sale (more on estate sales to come in future posts). After pondering purchasing some old conch shells (which I decided against), and DH deciding against an antique and slightly rusted lawn edger, I stumbled upon IT. . the CHAIR.

When I was a child, at one of my grandparents’ houses, they had two of these chairs. They are vintage and hard to find– step stool style chairs, with steps that can be pulled in and out. The one I found happens to be a COSCO brand chair.

As a child, one of the fun parts of visiting Grandma’s house was playing on/sitting on the chairs. A little girl, after all, could spend a good deal of time climbing up and down such a chair. And pulling the steps out, and pushing them back in, and then pulling them back out again.

If I discover something that brings back a good memory, it has value and I want to hold on to it.

When my grandmother moved, after my grandfather died, the chairs disappeared. However, I always wished I had been lucky enough to inherit one of them.

So, when I found the chair and showed DH, he agreed that it was a good find. Most surprising, though, was that the sellers wanted to move the estate items and were only asking $3 for my chair! What a steal! I was quite happy.

It turns out that DH sat in chairs like this, also, when he was a child.

I would like to refinish the chair, particularly put new vinyl and padding on the seat and back cushions at some point in time. But for now, the chair is sitting in my home, ready for a new generation to discover.

Yesterday, my son (Thing 2) discovered the chair while helping DH cook in the kitchen. This morning, he climbed up on it to sit before school.

And,  my daughter (Thing 3) has discovered the chair. She enjoys pulling out the steps, climbing them, and ascending to the top—hey, that’s a big task for an 18 month old baby girl!

And so, THE CHAIR, lives on. . and creates more good memories.

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