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Saturday, Thing #2 turned 7. And, his birthday gifts were, of course, from yard sales. Never pay retail for birthday gifts–you can find almost anything at yard sales/garage sales if you search every week!

First, I got him 2 DS games for $1 each.  That is a huge bargain. DH & I were at a yard sale where everything was $1. They had wonderful name brand clothing (I got Thing #2 Quicksilver jeans for next year for $1.00 each, and Thing #1 name brand shirts/shorts for $1 each). Then, I found a bag of DS games, and I asked her what she wanted, and she said only $1 per game.

However, the real birthday highlight was the big present. We found Razor Electric bikes/mopeds from the online yard sale Facebook site a few months back. They were quite a bargain; I won’t say exactly what we paid, but it was very reasonable. They included the chargers. Now, they aren’t perfect. We have had to replace the tire on Thing #2’s (which we knew when we bought them), and we have to do some minor repairs on DS #1’s (loose wire connections), but they work well overall!

Here is Thing #2 , on his 7th birthday, riding his new “motorcycle” or “dirt bike” (as he calls it) NOTE: YES, we do require the boys wear helmets–he was just sitting on it without riding at the time.:

razor dirt bike from a yard sale

DS#1 (Thing 1) got a moped style Razor Scooter from a yard sale. We bought them from the same people from the Online Yard Sale site, and those were the styles available. The moped style is a bit larger which was why we gave it to Thing 1 (as he is older). He got his birthday gift early (he will have his birthday in October, but we wanted him to have time to ride it before it got too cold out!).

Razor Moped from yard sale

Here is my 7 year old blowing out his candles:


By the way, we had to store the moped/dirt bike at a friend’s house so our boys would not find them. Now, it’s time to start looking ahead for Christmas gifts. There is still time–yard sale season is not yet over!

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I try hard to get a lot of our Christmas gifts at yard sales or on Craigslist .  . .although, at times, Amazon comes in really handy in December (particularly with free prime!).  Anyway, DH and I had been talking about finding a basketball hoop for our driveway for awhile now. We were looking at portables.

Then, on our local yard sale site on facebook, I found a $300 basketball pole/hoop (in-ground) still NEW IN THE BOX, for $100. It had great reviews online, so we bought it.

I’ll be honest, it took a long time for DH to assemble, but he did a great job. Here he is, at the end of the process:

Kurt finishing the installation of the basketball hoop

I have to say, the boys love their early (and largest) Christmas present. Unfortunately, it was very rainy this weekend. . .so it made for a lot of VERY muddy clothing and extra laundry. . .but they are so happy!

Shooting baskets!

Thing 1 shooting hoops

And, I am happy because we got an excellent deal through the online yard sale site and saved $200 on a very nice basketball hoop/set.

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I honestly do not have a lot of Christmas decorations. I have my tree, a strand of lights over the window, and a Little People nativity for my children to play with.  The tree and the lights came from Big Lots. However, I do have a few Christmas decorating items from yard sales, so I thought I would share. I want to look for more next year.

First, I have a beautiful Yankee Candle Christmas tree votive holder, brand new in the package from a yard sale– $2:

Yankee Candle Christmas Tree Votive Holder

I purchased this Christmas basket at a thrift store (not a yard sale, but still a great deal) for $1.90–It holds my cinnamon scented pine cones:

basket to hold pine cones

This Christmas tree skirt was from a yard sale– $2!

Christmas Tree Skirt

And finally, my all time favorite Christmas decorating find– my 25 cent “GARAGE SALE” Christmas ornament!

Garage Sale Christmas Tree ornament

Next yard sale season, I hope to find some Christmas themed pillows for the sofas in the living room, and possibly another decoration or two.

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I really wanted to wish my readers, whoever you are, a Happy Thanksgiving.

My three loving and lively children are SO excited. For them, Thanksgiving is an extended vacation from school and lots of fun times playing with their cousins and exploring the woods in the country.

And, since this IS, after all, a yard sale blog, I will start out a tiny bit ON TOPIC.  Below, is Thing 3 modeling her Thanksgiving dress—she loves the turkey. It is a bargain dress from a yard sale—I paid $1. It should be a hit when she wears it tomorrow.

However, I’m not naive or dumb enough to think that all of you will enjoy Thanksgiving. Frankly, Thanksgiving is not up there on my own personal “favorite days of the year” list. It involves long road trips with children. And mostly, the holiday entails sitting and eating all.day.long.

Not to mention, that some of us have relatives we like more than others. . .and some of us tend to feel a bit claustrophobic at large family gatherings with a combination of the ones we like. . and, well. . the ones we “love in the Lord”. .or “love because they’re family”. And we tend to seek out a quiet place, sometime through the day, to be alone for a few moments. Just being honest, here—KEEPING THINGS REAL. I know some of my readers will feel this way. . .and in all the cheery Thanksgiving wishes and posts, they’ll feel a bit sarcastic (if they’re like me) and as if no one actually understands how they really feel.

Thanksgiving is a reminder to some of you, of loved ones lost, loved ones whose company you loved and enjoyed, who you used to celebrate with—and these memories can cause great sorrow, remembering past Thanksgivings. Children are often torn between two or three or four families, due to separation and divorce.  Sometimes they have to choose which parent to spend the holiday with. That has to be so difficult, and hard, and sad.

What about going back to families where growing up was painful in other ways, due to growing up in a family filled with strife, violence, alcoholism. . or other awful things? The joking around the table often covers hearts that are still holding pain from the times when they were young and innocent and hurt. And now, they are forced to fill plates with turkey and smile ruefully across the table at people who failed to love them properly when they needed it most.

For some, Thanksgiving is a painful reminder of what they ARE NOT or DO NOT have, as family members thoughtlessly wound you, asking things like: “Haven’t you found a job YET?” or “Any new prospects in the dating realm?” or “Are you planning to start a family soon?” People forget that jobs and spouses and children and success are not always as easy to come by as they seem.

I pondered all of these things, and more this week. Then, it occurred to me, that if we choose personally to make Thanksgiving about giving thanks, we can find moments of true joy in the holiday, no matter what the circumstances. Giving thanks in what we do have. . .in the food on the over-filled plate in front of us, in health (if we have been so blessed), in our vehicles which transported us to these family gatherings, in the roofs that cover our heads each night, in the fact that we have the freedom to celebrate and give thanks.

And so, tomorrow I will give thanks for my husband . . .for my beautiful children (even as they test my patience during the 3 hour drive). . .for my God, who is still beside me and loving me, even when I don’t understand His ways. . .for all the gifts that I have and value and hold dear.

And, in closing, here is Thing 2, wearing with pride his Pilgrim hat from school.

For all of us, may tomorrow be a day filled with thanks!

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Tonight was Halloween and my kids went Trick-or-Treating. We have, actually, an extensive collection of costumes from yard sales, so my children have a lot to choose from. In fact, none of these costumes are new—all of them are bargain finds!  Total cost of all costumes for three kids–approximately $15!

Thing ONE, my 10 year old, went as a JEDI (he didn’t bother carrying his yard sale light sabre, which he has–He decided to leave his hands free for candy carrying!). Thing TWO was Bobba Fett (As you can see, Star Wars is BIG in our house with the boys). Both Bobba Fett and Jedi costumes were from yard sales.


Thing THREE was a Fairy Princess. This costume was also from a yard sale (it is actually a Children’s Place costume. Comes with a fairy headband, which I have, but she refuses to keep on her little head!). We wore clothing underneath as it was quite chilly here.

They had so much fun getting candy–Hope your kids enjoyed their Halloween also! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

And finally, one last picture of Thing TWO hugging Thing THREE, right before we left for Trick-or-Treating:

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