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I came across this article from Reader’s Digest about Things You Should Never Buy at Yard Sales:

Reader’s Digest Yard Sale Article

Some of the items I agree with: carseats, car tires, Laptops/computers

Some of the items I disagree with. We’ve gotten some bike helmets that are in excellent condition (never used, even). We’ve gotten swimming suits and shoes for our kids. And, we always buy cheap DVD’s at yard sales.

What would I stay away from at a yard sale? Underwear (duh ;), VHS tapes (I can’t believe people still use them), electronics (unless they plug them in for me and I can test them), worn out clothing, etc. . .Pretty obvious stuff. I did buy our crib second-hand w/ my first child, but I don’t think they had so many regulations then (10 years ago). That’s just the list off the top of my head.

What will you NOT buy at a yard sale?

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Well, I didn’t get to any “real” yard sales yet this season. I am still anxiously awaiting their “arrival”, but seeing as it is actually supposed to hit 70 degrees this spring (FINALLY!) this week. . .I am holding out hope for this coming Saturday!

Until then, I thought I would share one of my favorite finds from last season: a Matilda Jane dress for Thing #3. If you aren’t familiar with Matilda Jane, it is a very expensive boutique line of adorable dresses (that I can’t afford to buy new). This dress was $2.00!!! It would sell for around $60 new. I was thrilled when I found it!

Here are some pictures of Thing #3 modeling my find for church this morning. I don’t expect I will find Matilda Jane clothing at yard sales very often, but it really was a fun find!

First, here she is with her brothers!

Matilda Jane Dress

Front of the Matilda Jane dress–It’s hard to get her to stay still to get a decent picture.

Matilda Jane DressBack of the Dress

Matilda Jane Dress

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Still waiting for warm weather here. It’s supposed to be spring, but feels like it’s not. Where is the weather that is 60 degrees and sunny? I can’t wait for regular yard sales to start, but the weather just doesn’t seem to be cooperating yet.

DH and I went to two mommy markets this Saturday (believe it or not, we really do enjoy spending our “date” mornings this way. . .sometimes we mix it up and go grocery shopping. . .we’re exciting that way.)

Anyway, here are just a FEW of my finds for this week:

For Thing #1

Soccer Cleats — $2

soccer cleats

Lord of the Rings DVD — $3

Lord of the Rings

Timberland Boots — $2

timberland boots

For Thing #2

Transformer Bumblebee Pajamas — $1 (also got him a Star Wars pair)

transformer bumble bee pajamas


For Thing #3

Converse  Shoes — $3

converse sneakers

Lands End 2 pc Rash-guard swimming Suit– $3

Lands End Swimming Suit

Columbia Sneakers in Box — $5

columbia sneakers


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This week my husband and I went to 3 local mommy markets. I am still waiting for the official “yard sale season” to start around here, but the mommy markets have been a lot of fun. They help ensure that my kids have way too much clothing. However, I buy quality brands, and sell a lot of their outgrown clothing on Ebay.

Here are my just a FEW of my finds for this week:

1. Baby Gap plaid sundress set–$2

Baby Gap plaid sundress set


2. Converse sneakers for my younger son–$1

converse Sneakers

3. Lilly Pulitzer Skirt/Skort–$1

lilly pulitzer skort

4. Baby Faith DVD– $2

Baby Faith Animals DVD

5. BRAND NEW socks (7 pair) — 2 bags– $1

brand new bag of socks

6. Pirate Sweater–$2

pirate sweater

7. Ralph Lauren polo shirts — $1 each

Ralph Lauren shirts

8. See Kai Run girl’s summer sandals in original box — $3

See Kai Run white sandals

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my finds this week. It was a busy week, and we spent our whole morning out at the mommy markets.  Did you go out to any sales this week? What did you find?

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The past two weeks, I went to the first mommy markets of the season. It was exciting, because even though I prefer “real” yard sales, I still found some great deals. To me, yard sales are like treasure hunting. You just never know what you will find. It was great to get out into the “hunt” again!

I wanted to share a few of my first finds with you.

For Thing #3:

1. Floral Skort from The Children’s Place: $1

Floral Skort from Children's Place

2. Complete outfit from The Children’s Place: $2

Patchwork Outfit from Children's Place

For Thing #2:

1. Complete Easter Vest and Shirt from Ralph Lauren: $5 (I plan to resell this next spring on Ebay)

Ralph Lauren Vest and Shirt


2. Nike sneakers for summer: $4

Nike boys sneakers

For Thing #1:

1. Angry Birds Shirt: $1

Angry Birds Shirt

2. Adidas Dri-Fit Material Phillies Shirt: $2

Adidas Phillies Dri Fit Shirt

Did you start shopping at yard sales or mommy markets yet this season? What have you found so far? I am excited to continue sharing my finds with you each week throughout the season!

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I am so excited for yard sale season to begin. It is only a few weeks away now, and I am already imagining the bargains I will find.  Yard sales bring the same fun to me that some people get from going to the mall.

Why shop at yard sales (in case you are not a yard sale addict like myself)?

1. You save money. Seriously. You can’t beat beautiful artwork for $2 a picture, a $2 coffee-table book (with gorgeous portraits), lots of name-brand clothing for children for next-to-nothing (see picture below of my daughter in a Lucky shirt and Janie and Jack skirt). I bought this outfit for $1.00  at a yard sale last year!

Lucky Shirt and Skirt from Yard Sale

2. It is a way of “recycling”. If you are big on “reusing, renewing, and recycling”, you ought to be shopping at yard sales. You are purchasing items that many sellers would otherwise throw away!

3. It is fun. . .like treasure hunting. Yes, some yard sales are really only junk, but some have fabulous treasures to be discovered.

Anyway, those are just a few of the reasons you ought to try yard-sale shopping. You just never know what is waiting at the yard sale for you to discover. I will be posting some of my own yard sale finds each week throughout the yard sale season! Hope you join me.

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Back in the “old days”. . you know the 80’s and 90’s, when I was young. . .yard sales just weren’t so profitable--or even worth going to. In fact, they were overall pretty dumpy. And there weren’t very many of them. It could be that the area where we lived was so poor, so any clothing sold was pretty much already worn out and ratty. It could be that people just did not have so many yard sales. I’m not exactly sure.

Since DH and I both grew up in poorer families, it was common to do back-to-school shopping at the local Salvation Army. These days, you can find some great deals at the Salvation Army Thrift Store. Back then, well, not so much. They were overall dirty and the clothing was at least 10 years outdated.

Then, sometimes there were hand-me-downs, which I was lucky to be the first one to sort through. These were still outdated, and my poor sister had to wear them AFTER me. Lucky her.

Speaking of hand-me-downs, once an older lady in our church handed down her underwear to my sister and I, wrapped up like a present.

Out of necessity, we still had to take (or wear) what we could find, whether from yard sales, hand-me-downs, or the Salvation Army, which resulted in DH having to wear plaid polyester pants and huge bow ties about ten or more years after they had gone out of fashion. I won’t talk about the hideous skirts and ruffled blouses that I had to wear to school. Wow, those were just awful.

There exist some hysterical pictures (sort of) from those days, where the ugliness of my wardrobe is striking.  I am not courageous enough to share. Then again, DH has a picture where he is with his family, wearing a plaid bow-tie that is about a foot long (honestly). Fun times!

My favorite old-time yard sale finds were old chemistry sets from the 50’s and 60’s with deadly chemicals and real glass test tubes. My siblings and I spent time trying desperately to blow something up, but I am afraid the chemicals were not at original strength.

And so, I am thankful for the modern yard sales, where I can find stylish, brand-name, clean clothing for my kids and beautiful artwork for my home, and other fun things. Not to say that I haven’t found some really, really, really interesting/weird items at yard sales, but that’s for another post.

Did your shop at the Salvation Army or at yard sales when you were a  child? Do your old family or school pictures make you cringe? Feel free to share! 🙂

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My daughter has 3 (yes, THREE) pair of UGGs. Two of these pairs are boots, one pair is shoes—they are all different, and they are all from yard sales! The two better pairs, Thing 3 (my daughter) only wears for special events, for a few hours at church, or for pictures.

The first pair is like new. They are UGG “Honey B” shoes, and retail for $40 on the UGG site. I purchased these for $1 at a yard sale.

The second pair is for PLAY, around the house. They are NOT in as good condition as the first pair, but are still soft and warm. Thing 3 loves the comfortable feeling of these boots. They are the pink “Erin” boots that retail for $50 online. I got these free at a yard sale—the lady who was selling them just threw them into the bag with a few other items I was purchasing as a bonus!

Finally, the third pair is the pair Thing 3 wears with a lot of her fall and winter outfits when going out. These are the more neutral chestnut-colored “Boo” boots, retail $60 online. I paid a bit more for these than I would for most things at yard sales, but they were like new (when I bought them) in the original box—I paid $15.

Once, an older lady who did not know me well commented (when she saw Thing 3 wearing her UGG boots) that she could not believe that as a parent I would spend/waste so much money on a clothing item for a baby. Little did she know how very LITTLE I paid. Side lesson: Never judge!

As a bonus, after Thing 3 is done wearing all these UGGS this year , I plan to resell them on Ebay where I will make a huge profit—I will get close to retail for the nicer pairs. I will probably get $20 on Ebay for the more worn pink pair, as well. UGGs have great resale value online, even used ones. So, if you like UGGS for your children, watch for them at YARD SALES!

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