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Since getting married, we have had two yard sales of our own. I do not enjoy having yard sales. I enjoy the extra cash, but I find having a yard sale to be very time-consuming. I would rather sell on Craigslist or Ebay where the profit is higher.

However, since I have been asked, I will give some tips on how to prepare for and have a successful yard sale:

1. Advertise in advance. I find the local papers in this area to be very high cost for advertising. Where we lived before, it was only $10 for a 3-day-yard sale ad. If the prices are high, consider going in with another family or as part of your neighborhood’s sale. Craigslist and facebook are other great advertising venues (free!).

2. Spring or fall sales tend to be the most highly attended. Summer is hot, sticky, and people are on vacation. Spring and fall have more tolerable weather conditions, and many more people are out yard-sale shopping.

3. Choose what day/days and times are best—base this on research. Where we lived for the first years of our marriage, almost every household was two-income due to very low salaries. To have a Friday yard sale would not be the best choice because traffic would be limited. Where we live now, it is middle-to-upper class, with a lot of stay-at-home moms and retirees. Many people do Friday to Saturday yard sales and report large amounts of traffic on Fridays. Do your own research and decide accordingly. For myself, I have never found it profitable to run a yard sale after 1:00 pm, but have found that the earlier you open, the better!

4. Gather needed items—extra tables (borrow from friends), price tags (these can be bought at the Dollar Store), BRIGHT and many yard sale signs (buy or make), chairs, extra change, cash box, etc.

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