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I try hard to get a lot of our Christmas gifts at yard sales or on Craigslist .  . .although, at times, Amazon comes in really handy in December (particularly with free prime!).  Anyway, DH and I had been talking about finding a basketball hoop for our driveway for awhile now. We were looking at portables.

Then, on our local yard sale site on facebook, I found a $300 basketball pole/hoop (in-ground) still NEW IN THE BOX, for $100. It had great reviews online, so we bought it.

I’ll be honest, it took a long time for DH to assemble, but he did a great job. Here he is, at the end of the process:

Kurt finishing the installation of the basketball hoop

I have to say, the boys love their early (and largest) Christmas present. Unfortunately, it was very rainy this weekend. . .so it made for a lot of VERY muddy clothing and extra laundry. . .but they are so happy!

Shooting baskets!

Thing 1 shooting hoops

And, I am happy because we got an excellent deal through the online yard sale site and saved $200 on a very nice basketball hoop/set.

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