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Saturday, Thing #2 turned 7. And, his birthday gifts were, of course, from yard sales. Never pay retail for birthday gifts–you can find almost anything at yard sales/garage sales if you search every week!

First, I got him 2 DS games for $1 each.  That is a huge bargain. DH & I were at a yard sale where everything was $1. They had wonderful name brand clothing (I got Thing #2 Quicksilver jeans for next year for $1.00 each, and Thing #1 name brand shirts/shorts for $1 each). Then, I found a bag of DS games, and I asked her what she wanted, and she said only $1 per game.

However, the real birthday highlight was the big present. We found Razor Electric bikes/mopeds from the online yard sale Facebook site a few months back. They were quite a bargain; I won’t say exactly what we paid, but it was very reasonable. They included the chargers. Now, they aren’t perfect. We have had to replace the tire on Thing #2’s (which we knew when we bought them), and we have to do some minor repairs on DS #1’s (loose wire connections), but they work well overall!

Here is Thing #2 , on his 7th birthday, riding his new “motorcycle” or “dirt bike” (as he calls it) NOTE: YES, we do require the boys wear helmets–he was just sitting on it without riding at the time.:

razor dirt bike from a yard sale

DS#1 (Thing 1) got a moped style Razor Scooter from a yard sale. We bought them from the same people from the Online Yard Sale site, and those were the styles available. The moped style is a bit larger which was why we gave it to Thing 1 (as he is older). He got his birthday gift early (he will have his birthday in October, but we wanted him to have time to ride it before it got too cold out!).

Razor Moped from yard sale

Here is my 7 year old blowing out his candles:


By the way, we had to store the moped/dirt bike at a friend’s house so our boys would not find them. Now, it’s time to start looking ahead for Christmas gifts. There is still time–yard sale season is not yet over!

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