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One of the questions I get asked most often is where I find yard sales and how I plan my weekly yard sale routes.

I start find yard sales/planning my yard sale route on Friday morning. If you want to get to the most yard sales, and do it intentionally (to find the best bargains), you can not just drive around and hope to see yard sale signs, or pick up a newspaper on Saturday morning. You will waste a lot of time that way!

There are a number of websites people use to find yard sales, but I have found it best to stick to a very simple system:

1. I look in our local newspaper on Friday morning. I never actually purchase the (paper copy) newspaper; I go to the newspaper’s website. You know what your most-read local paper is–some areas may have two or three popular local papers. Find their websites, go to the classified section, and look under “garage/yard/rummage sales”.  If, for some reason, you cannot gain online access to these advertisements, you will have to purchase a hard-copy paper.

2. I look on Craigslist. Often, people do not want to pay for a newspaper advertisement, but will post a yard sale on Craigslist because it is free. Go to your local area/city. There is a garage sale section (under the “for sale” section). I am in a larger area, so I narrow my choices by searching. I first search for the terms “neighborhood”, “community”, and “development”. Sometimes I search for “multi-family”. Then, I narrow those selections by area/location. I also search using the name of my town and nearby towns.

Next, I copy and paste the ads of interest to a Word document. I then sort them further. I will discuss in more detail in the next “informative” post what types of yard sales I prefer, and how I sort them.

Finding the best yard sales, I have found, is as easy as searching your local newspaper ads and Craigslist.


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