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Still waiting for warm weather here. It’s supposed to be spring, but feels like it’s not. Where is the weather that is 60 degrees and sunny? I can’t wait for regular yard sales to start, but the weather just doesn’t seem to be cooperating yet.

DH and I went to two mommy markets this Saturday (believe it or not, we really do enjoy spending our “date” mornings this way. . .sometimes we mix it up and go grocery shopping. . .we’re exciting that way.)

Anyway, here are just a FEW of my finds for this week:

For Thing #1

Soccer Cleats — $2

soccer cleats

Lord of the Rings DVD — $3

Lord of the Rings

Timberland Boots — $2

timberland boots

For Thing #2

Transformer Bumblebee Pajamas — $1 (also got him a Star Wars pair)

transformer bumble bee pajamas


For Thing #3

Converse¬† Shoes — $3

converse sneakers

Lands End 2 pc Rash-guard swimming Suit– $3

Lands End Swimming Suit

Columbia Sneakers in Box — $5

columbia sneakers



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I *LOVE* yard sales. I go every week, every Saturday. In the winter, I wish there were yard sales, but I have to settle for consignment sales or thrift stores.

As a mom, I clothe my children almost entirely from yard sales (and they wear mostly name brand, designer and boutique items). I decorate my home with yard sales items. I get almost *everything* (other than food) at yard sales.

This is the story of my yard sale finds (and other great deals I stumble upon). It is the story of  lots of thrifty things. The story of online yard sales, and online deals. Sometimes I will share favorite quicky recipes or budgeting ideas. But mostly, everything yard sale.

I sell on ebay and make a good amount of money with yard sale finds.

On this blog, I will post tips about how YOU can also become an expert at yard-saling. I will share my tricks, my bargaining ideas, and what to look for. I will introduce you to the world of online yard sales, and tell you the pros and cons. I will discuss Craigslist, freecycle, and more!

I look forward to sharing my yard sale finds with you!

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