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Although I love going to yard sales, there are certain things that annoy me to no end about some sellers and other yard-sale-goers. I preface this with the fact that I am probably just as annoying to them, particularly the sellers, as I often ask for a lower price on an item I am buying. This post will focus on yard sale SELLER annoyances.

Things that particularly annoy me about sellers:

1. Items not priced. I see something I like/want, and pick it up, searching for a price tag. There is none. There is no sign on the table. I ask the seller who inevitably says, “I wasn’t sure. I don’t know. What do you want to give me for it?” I just hate that. What am I supposed to say? What do I *WANT* to give you for it? Really? Well, maybe fifty cents, but you probably want more than that. Do I lowball and get rejected, or do I keep trying to them to name a price?

To answer my own question, most of the time, given this dilemma, I say, “I don’t know.” I look at them with a somewhat concerned look, and eventually they name a price. If they look like they don’t care what they get, I name a low price and take my chances.

2. Items that are WAY, WAY over-priced. I like items to be priced, but on the other hand, some sellers think that a yard sale is ebay. In fact, I have been to yard sales where they literally printed out a sheet that proved that whatever they were selling was worth $10 more on Amazon or Ebay (new of course), so that knocking $10 off their well-worn item was actually a good deal. “See, this toy cost me $50 on Amazon new, and at $40 it’s a great deal. No, the lights don’t work anymore, but remember, it would cost you $50 on Amazon.”

In these cases, I don’t buy anything. It’s hopeless. If someone really thinks their items are that valuable, why even bother. They might want to actually try ebay, where they probably still won’t get as much as they think their items are worth.

Sellers, seriously, this is a YARD SALE. People don’t expect to spend ebay prices. They go to yard sales expecting YARD SALE prices. If you want a huge amount for something, take the time to take pictures, upload them, edit them, and create an ebay listing for your item.

What’s almost worse is when the items are something really bad, like completely outdated clothing, and they want $10 for a pair of pants or something. Seriously?!? Who on earth do they think will buy them?

So, those are two of my “annoyances” about yard sale sellers. Don’t worry, my post about buyers is coming sometime soon.

As a side tip, I have learned that when guys are manning the yard sale you make out better. The wives are typically more attached to the items (i.e. “I remember my little darling in that dress. I want at least $10.00 for it. I paid $25.”), whereas the man will be like, “sure, take it for $1.00. I want the stuff out of the house.”


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